16 Bedroom Design Ideas

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Bedrooms, Designing, How-To, Room-By-Room


1. Add a fireplace for those frosty winter mornings when you’d rather linger in bed. Consider electric, pellet, or gas options.

2. Make your bedroom a refuge by using plenty of soft surfaces—rugs, curtains, pillows—to ensure peace and quiet.

3. Create a bunkroom for kids with tree-trunk supports and branches throughout to make it feel like they are sleeping in a treehouse!

4. Tuck an office nook behind a sliding barn door or heavy curtains.

5. Build in a loft for a cozy reading nook in any bedroom in the house.

Photo by Roger Wade Studio

6. Orient the master bedroom so you can wake up to the sunrise.

7. Instead of a traditional headboard, add a touch of nature by using reclaimed boards, grasscloth, or tiling with smooth stones.

8. Increase your storage space with a window seat; it’s a great place to keep linens and blankets, and toys in a child’s room.

9. Add a sitting area to your master bedroom. Sink the floor a step to make it feel truly separate.

10. Add a stackable washer and dryer in your master closet for ultimate efficiency.

11. Install a window in a walk-in closet to add brightness and make it easier to see.

12. Hide a wall-mounted television with shutters when it’s not in use.

13. Tuck bunkbeds into a corner to maximize space in a child’s room.

14. Add radiant heat under the flooring in the bedroom to make it easier to step out of bed on a chilly morning.

15. Add beadboard to a sloped ceiling to give your room a cottage feel.

16. Design a private deck off the master bedroom for a sunset glass of champagne or lingering over Sunday morning coffee.

Photography by Roger Wade Studio