Magnificent Exteriors

Log and timber homes have a long history and a unique charm that appeal to people who love nature, rustic style, and cozy living. Log and timber homes can be customized to suit different tastes, needs, and budgets, and can range from simple cabins to luxurious...

OH!  The Possibilities!

If Dr. Suess wrote a book about log homes it might read like this: Some houses are logs and some houses are timbers. The best are the ones with both logs AND timbers. No matter the house style, its size, or its shape log and timber houses are always great. The rhyme...

Fall Fantasy

Fall is a particularly wonderful season for log & timber homes. The wood takes on a special glow when the light changes from an intense summer glare to a more mellow, lower sunlight. There may be snow up on the mountain peaks, but down below the weather is ideal for outdoor activities or just enjoying the spectacular fall hues. When the trees take on an autumn glow and there’s a hint of snow in the mountains, it’s a prime time for log & timber homes.

Trending Now

Modern design’s clean lines and minimalist décor serve to enhance the structure of a log or timber frame home. Each of the great rooms shown here has a distinct personality and style, and the natural elements such as reclaimed wood and stone are the centerpieces of each space. The balance between rustic and modern can be adjusted to meet your personal taste.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages

Small log and timber homes display the same creativity and attention to detail as larger homes. Whether the home is all log, reclaimed wood, timber frame, or a hybrid, each has a unique personality. It was love at first sight when we discovered the enchanting home at right. It is a red cedar timber frame perched on a rustic stone foundation; the walls are cordwood construction in which debarked logs of varying dimensions are laid cros…