18 Bathroom Design Ideas

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Baths, Designing, How-To, Room-By-Room

1. Allow light and air into your bathroom with plenty of windows. If privacy is an issue, add frosting or attractive window treatments.

2. Use a pedestal sink in a small space. You may lose some storage, but your floor space will look much bigger.

3. Get creative with fixtures. A slender tree with extending branches is a natural choice for hanging towels.

4. Use an antique wooden ladder instead of a towel bar.

5. Choose a copper sink and faucet; the metal is the perfect complement to the wood tones of your logs and trim.

6. Incorporate river pebbles to bring the outside in. They can be used on floors or tub surrounds.

7. Install a radiant-heat floor to keep you toasty, even right out of the shower.

8. Create a master bath centerpiece with a freestanding soaking tub set by a window.

9. Achieve an elegant and simple look with a wood slab countertop with a vessel sink.

Snow Country Construction/photo by Roger Wade

10. Try exterior carriage lanterns in your bathroom for a timeless lighting look.

11. Give your bathroom a fun, rustic touch with corrugated metal wainscoting.

12. Adding a skylight in the bathroom lets you bathe in sunlight without worrying about the neighbors.

13. Select hand-painted tiles to reflect your home’s character—anything goes, from antique floral designs to Mexican Talavera tiles.

14. Add romance and relaxation to your bathroom with a fireplace.

15. Fully tile your shower enclosure—floor, walls, and ceiling—for a spa ambience.

16. Use a repurposed dresser as a unique storage piece for towels and toiletries.

17. Make a small bathroom seem larger and more open by using frameless glass shower panels.

18. Choose a one-of-a-kind vessel sink, perhaps made by a local potter or glass artist.

Photography by Roger Wade Studio