Bathing Beauty Trends

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Baths, Room-By-Room

Log homes are timeless. So when you’re outfitting a space, like the bathroom, where the fixtures are semi-permanent and not easily (or inexpensively) swapped out, you want get it right the first time. It’s important to make sure that this very utilitarian space looks current but won’t look dated 10 years from now. Plus, this is a space where you can really employ some environmentally friendly tactics that will preserve natural resources and save money on energy costs. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for 2011 and beyond.


Vessel sinks emerged a few years ago and are still going strong, cementing their place as a timeless staple, not just a passing fad. To prevent them from looking dated at some point down the road, keep the style simple and the colors neutral—both perfect complements for casual, rustic log cabin style. Ceramic and copper basins are perfect complements to a log home’s warmth. Glass may be too sterile and contemporary, depending on your style.

Log cabin enthusiasts have always had a soft spot for all things yesteryear, and finally the rest of the design world is catching on, because one of the hottest bathroom movements is to go back in time. Antique cabinets repurposed as sink vanities and linen closets create instant historical charm. Couple them with gilded mirrors and Old World fixtures to instill your bath with the feeling of a charming B&B. Give them the 2011 treatment by painting them in the year’s trendiest colors, such as grass green or sky blue, and using stone accents.

The tub is a bathroom’s largest feature. Don’t let yours be boring. Give your bath a splash of the unexpected with a wood or stone soaking tub. They create a luxurious, yet natural focal point—perfect for the log cabin life—and the inherent radiant-heat properties of stone and wood keep the water temperature constant and comfortable, unlike their porcelain counterparts. And since both are derived from nature, they’re kinder to the planet. Stone can be extremely heavy, however, and could require reinforced floors. If that’s not in your budget but you still want the look, consider manmade stone (cast from acrylic) bathtubs, which are lighter than cast iron and easier to install.

Go green—literally—with a living wall. In lieu of artwork, you can arrange green plants, such as moss or creeping ivy, that thrive on humidity in the bathroom. Not only with they help to keep the air clean, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Soft LED lights interspersed within the plants will up the ambiance. / photo by Miranda Batiste

Try eco-friendly, sensor-equipped sink faucets. Already popular in public washrooms, the in-home versions can be programmed to remember the water temperature you prefer and turn the water on, when your hands are ready. They even can sense when you are wasting water, then regulate the water pressure.

Something as simple as a unique showerhead can give your bath a boost. A new collection—the Rainshower Icon DreamSpray by Grohe improves their functionality and spices up your shower with six hot hues. A single water outlet and the jet-shaped spray requires less water to provide optimum spray flow. The award-winning, showy showerhead comes with an innovative “Eco-Button,” which saves up to 40 percent on water usage and energy costs. The edge of the jet hand-held shower combines an extra flat surface and a stream that helps to create a spa-like sensation of relaxation.