Designing & Decorating Great Rooms

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Designing, Great rooms, living rooms, dens, How-To, Room-By-Room


Natural light pours into this great room from all directions, showing off the log walls and staircase. Windows in the open loft add more light at the ceiling level. The white cabinets in the open kitchen make the great room look even more spacious.


Locati Architects; Landy Gardner Interiors;
Schlauch Bottcher Construction/photo by Roger Wade

The reclaimed wood beams in the ceiling and on the walls and the gorgeous natural stonework contrast beautifully with the more contemporary furniture and rug. The showstopper in this room is the wall of vertical birch logs behind the sofa. This low-cost design feature has maximum impact in terms of texture and visual interest. Although there are multiple types and species of wood in this great room, they all work together to create an ambience that is both rustic and modern.

Picture window is an apt name for the vertical glass on the rear wall of this grand room. It frames the magnificent view. The huge chandelier helps to bring the exceptional ceiling height down to create a cozier space in front of the fireplace.


Bitterroot Timber Frames/photo by Karl Neumann

There is a great view from any seat in this great room. Folks on the sofa or lounge are treated to a 180-degree panoramic vista. The bump-out with its side windows allows those seated in the armchairs their own special vantage point. The bump-
out also serves to bring a lot of light into the room.


RMR Group/photo by Karl Neumann

There is a lot going on in this cozy corner but it all works together seamlessly. The painted sheetrock and pine ceiling accentuate the chinked logs and stone fireplace. by placing the fireplace in the corner, the light and view from outdoors is preserved.


Both: Top Notch Log Homes/photos by Roger Wade

The massive floor to ceiling fireplace might have overpowered this great room without the unique windows on either side. it’s often difficult to display a collection of glass, but these homeowners found the ideal spot for theirs—no electricity needed.


StoneMill Log & Timber Homes

Contrast is one of the keys to great decorating. The natural stone, chinked logs, and gorgeous wood floors create a traditional backdrop for an ultra-modern painting set on a reclaimed, rustic mantel. By using subtle colors, the modern and the rustic blend together perfectly.