Designing & Decorating Your Great Room

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Designing, Great rooms, living rooms, dens, How-To, Room-By-Room

Reclaimed wood is the star in this home, from the warm floors to the mantel to the vertical siding on the walls. In contrast to the sleek surroundings, the homeowners were not afraid to go bold with the carpet, ottoman, and comfortable wing chairs.

Golden Eagle Log Homes

Positioning the ceiling-height fireplace to the side of this great room allows light and a view of the woods to pour in through a full wall of windows. The light wood tones keep the room feeling airy while the dark furniture provides a firm foundation and a cozy gathering place. A sizable character post supports the loft above.

Rocky Mountain Log Homes

The fireplace, placed between matching curved doorways, takes center stage in this handcrafted log home. Its raised hearth does double duty as a side table. Comfortable seating and a generous ottoman invite the homeowners to spend hours in front of the fire.

Nordique Log Systems/photo by Roger Wade

When it’s too cold to lounge on the spacious deck, the owners of this home can take in their panoramic view of snow-covered peaks from the intimate conversation area in front of their great room fireplace. In addition to the view, the wall of windows brings in plenty of natural light and warmth.

The rustic stone of the fireplace is a natural focal point in this great room. It contrasts nicely with the smooth stone of the floor. There is plenty of room near the windows for a grand piano, whose music carries throughout the home. Blinds filter the heat from the sun while an upper window allows in just enough light.

The kitchen flows gracefully into the dining and sitting areas in this spacious great room. The sense of volume is enhanced by the magnificent fireplace and the open loft above.

The Old World Cabinet Company/photo by Roger Wade

A colorful landscape draws your eyes to the natural stone fireplace in this
handcrafted log home. The homeowners get an overview of the great room and admire the logs in the ceiling structure from the deep loft above.

Design by

Different species and tones of wood—from the dark reclaimed wood beams to the barnboard wainscoting to the wide-plank flooring—bring a lot of visual interest to this great room. Windows at the peak of the roof keep the room bright and airy.

Nico Marques/Photekt/designed by Trulinea Architects

Rustic meets modern in this open great room. The fireplace and floors are faced with the same sleek, dark tile. The light fixtures are contemporary but the Edison bulbs harken back to earlier times.

The wall of windows, trimmed with log accents including two character posts, soars to the roof in this stunning great room. The fireplace is bordered by horizontal logs while the upper wall is clad with wood on an angle. The homeowners took their fireplace to the next level by adding shelves for storage and display.