Designing & Decorating Your Log Cabin Exterior

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Designing, Exteriors, How-To

This home is perfectly oriented toward panoramic views on three sides. A private top floor deck allows the owners to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. The stone foundation and pillars anchor the home to the ground.

Design by

Designers recommend adding pops of color to your interior décor, but why not do it on the exterior as well? The cool teal enhances the warm wood and stone and gives this home a unique personality.

Photo by Perry Mastrovito

This charming log home looks as if it belongs in a fairy tale. The curve of the roof and arches over the windows add to its whimsical quality. The free-form natural garden and colorful plants at the windows complete the look.

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes/ photo © Jack Bingham Studio

The owners of this log home met the challenge of building on a sloped site. They have stunning views of the woods from the front porch and wrap-around deck. The garden was raised using stones unearthed during excavation and filled in with native plants, giving it a completely natural appearance.

Imagine enjoying all four seasons from this gorgeous western log home. The owners selected handcrafted round logs with chinking to give their home a timeless appeal. The varying roof lines, arched stonework, and black-framed windows all blend seamlessly.

Custom Log Homes/photo by Roger Wade

Beautiful stonework calls attention to the front door of this home and continues on to the chimney. The arch of the door matches the window on the left with its log windowbox filled with flowers. The intricate rooflines are enhanced by the protruding logs in this handcrafted log home.

Photo by Perry Mastrovito

This sweet log home is bursting with color that contrasts beautifully with the dark chinked logs. The curve of the red metal roof and angle of the three dormers give the home European style. The mailbox cleverly mimics the logs and colors of the home.

Silver Wolf Homes/photo by Roger Wade

It’s easy to imagine spending time in this lakeside log cabin with its large deck and simple landscaping. The shingles and log accents, along with the dark trim on the windows and door,
complete the picture.

Rocky Mountain Log Homes

This log home is well protected from the elements as it nestles below the western mountaintops. Sunlight pours in during the day and the owners enjoy
spectacular views.